Redhead Gun Safes Manufactures: A Guide To The Best Deals

The gun industry has some of the largest consumer bases in the world. There are a little over 320 million legally documented firearms that businesses or individuals privately own in the United States alone. The reason for such a high gun count can be many. 

For example, a business could need a gun to ensure that it keeps their business spaces safe, and an individual might feel safer with a gun than without it. One of the most common reasons is for hunting purposes. Hunting rifles make up a significant percentage of all guns in the United States that the government does not issue. There are many factors why people buy guns. 

There are many reasons as to why a person would want to buy a gun. The primary thing that all gun owners should focus all their attention on is how to keep such lethal weapons in a safe and secure place that only you and others you have trusted can access. Gun safety has become a mainstream issue nowadays, with the rate of accidental home firings increasing every year. To counter this statistic, gun safes have been introduced as consumer products in the open market. Millions of people are already willing to buy gun safes to protect themselves and their loved ones.

There is no such thing as the perfect gun safe. Every physical system has flaws that can be overwritten. However, the redhead gun safes come close to the ideal implementation of a gun safe that provides safety as well as security in the event a thief breaks in when you are not around. A redhead safe is better than any other type of safe.

Here we discuss why redhead gun safes are considered a good approximation of what a perfect gun safe is and how gun owners can better utilize gun safety features to guard their weapons against opportunists.

What’s so special about the redhead gun safe?

The redhead gun safe is special because it comes with in-built features that have been set as standards in terms of security and safety aspects of gun safes. Gun safes have to meet strict standards that are not easy to achieve, and redhead gun safes have in some cases exceeded these standard features with bonuses that benefit the gun owner.

Some features that separate it from other gun safes are

  • They design it using advanced steel technology for a rigid shell.
  • It is fireproof and can withstand continuous heat inputs for over 30 minutes.
  • It provides a secure verification system for a budget-friendly price.
  • It is built to withstand large amounts of force.

The redhead gun safe is a perfect example of what a gun safe can be if made right and designed while keeping the gun owners’ budget. There is no point in buying a gun and spending multiple times the amount for a gun safe that may or may not help you guard your gun. This is why buying a redhead gun safe is a better option since it is cost-effective and can provide the security needed for a gun.


One of the best additions in the redhead gun safe, apart from the standard features, is the high quality of materials and systems used. Most redhead gun safes come equipped with an electronic locking mechanism. This is complemented by a thick 12-gauge steel sheet wrapped around the safe’s skeleton that provides the structural integrity needed for safeguarding a lethal weapon and its ammunition. The redhead gun safes are not just worth it because of their security system. It is also because of the cost-effective manufacturing process used for producing it without jeopardizing quality.

Other products

Redhead gun safes manufacture more items other than just simple gun safes. They are also responsible for designing particular scopes for rifles, ARs, etc. these types of guns have specific requirements depending on the customer needs and gun configuration. Redhead gun safes manufacture scopes and other attachments for multiple categories of guns stored inside the redhead gun safe itself when not being used. Guns are useless without proper scopes and sights. 

Redhead gun safes also design other products such as large cabinets for storing long fire-arms. The redhead gun safes come with different types of locking mechanisms, with some basic systems being the most effective. These locking mechanisms include systems like an electronic keypad, combination locks, or some dial lock implementation.

Black market protection

One of the main reasons why gun owners should fulfill their responsibility as gun owners is to ensure that their guns do not fall into the hands of individuals who will almost certainly try to steal insecure guns later sold in the black market. Considering the gun is registered in the owner’s name, it would be good practice to make sure the gun does not fall into the wrong hands. 

Guns are useful when used legally, but they can easily be converted into a lethal weapon that everyone must care for. This is why gun owners should get gun safes capable of handling a thief looking to steal guns and sell them on the black market.

Who designs and produces redhead gun safes

Redhead gun safes are specially designed perfected over a couple of years before they go into production and eventually large-scale manufacturing. Once the gun safe designs are cleared for manufacturing, the designs are then passed onto mainly two companies that oversee the redhead gun safes’ manufacturing process. These two companies are the Browning Prosteel company and the Granite Security Products. Both companies have a lot of experience in manufacturing equipment designed for security purposes. Each company has its special field where they provide their insights for the cost-effective manufacturing of the final product.

Browning Prosteel Company   

The Prosteel Company has been manufacturing steel products for security purposes ever since it entered the market back in 2006. This is when they started manufacturing steel doors for vaults, gun safes, gun cabinets, and many more products that are designed to have a positive impact in terms of weapons safety.

As a gun-safe manufacturer, Prosteel has garnered a little over 15 patents that grant them exclusive rights to the designs of some of the best gun safes in the world. This has allowed them to reach a particular position in the gun safe market place with a significant percentage of the market cap taken over by Prosteel. 

Their primary service is to help owners of valuable items secure their belongings in safe and secure locations that are not easily accessible by any unknown person with whom you have not shared the location of said belongings.

For nearly 3 decades, Prosteel and Browning have been engaged in a partnership that has been fruitful to all parties involved. This partnership has resulted in Prosteel becoming a respected manufacturer of quality gun safes and other security systems for customers around the globe. 

Their products are distributed to individual sellers who offer these gun safes to their clients who need quality gun safes to secure weapons as a safety precaution to ward of potential thieves. Undoubtedly, willing to take the opportunity to steal a gun and resell it on the black market. The experience they have gained by manufacturing the redhead gun safes has made them leaders in security systems about gun safes and similar categories of security systems.

Granite Security products

Granite has been manufacturing gun safes ever since it partnered with Winchester safes. This partnership has proven to be beneficial to both companies, with each partner making great strides in the development of security systems for quality gun safes. Some of the products manufactured by Granite in partnership with Winchester are the redhead gun safes.

Granite specializes in the design and manufacturing of security containers such as gun safes for all gun categories and other tactical cases for law enforcement.

Top-selling Redhead Gun Safes

With all this talk of the quality of redhead gun safes, we are yet to talk about the products themselves. Redhead provides a wide variety of different types of gun safes to cater to all types of customers. Many safes fall within this range, but few of them stand out and are the top-selling safes in the market as of now. They are described below.

Redhead Fire-Resistant 39 Gun Safe

The redhead fire-resistant gun safe was designed to withstand the fire’s heat and prevent it from reaching the gun and the ammunition. A loaded gun and ammunition can go off if left out in the open in a fire. This is why gun owners need such types of gun safes since, in the event of a natural disaster such as in California, the guns and ammunition inside do not cause harm to the surrounding people if a fire rages through the house. 

It has a special heat plate that prevents damage from torches and direct heat if set on fire by thieves looking to get into it without going through the locking mechanism.


  • It can withstand fire for about 1 hour at a temperature of 1400 .
  • It can hold up to 39 shotguns and rifles such as ARs.
  • It is wrapped with a 12 gauge steel sheet that provides structural integrity to the entire safe.
  • It comes with an organized option for shelves.

Redhead 1856 Collection Ultra Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

The redhead 1856 gun safe collection is a good list of gun safes that is not only fire-resistant but can also withstand prolonged stress that is applied on a single point. This is possible due to the thick sheet of steel used by the manufacturer that ensures rigidity and reliability in even the most intense cases.

The redhead 1856 gun-safe collection can withstand a jackhammer for a lot longer than you think. Some of its basic features are:


  • It can store up to 23 long guns, including rifles, shotguns, and other types of hunting rifles.
  • It is easy to access if needed.
  • It has a subtle charcoal finish that is easy on the eyes and can be camouflaged in dark spaces.

Redhead Fire-Resistant 10-Gun Safe

The redhead 10 gun safe can store a total of 10 guns with the ability to prevent any type of damage from reaching the guns. It can withstand the effect of fires for up to 45 minutes at extreme temperatures. At this point, the 10 gun redhead safe is the best option for gun owners who do not have many guns and simply need a secure gun safe to safeguard the weapons they might need to use in the future, whether it is for hunting or self-protection. 


  • It can store up to 10 guns. These include rifles and small handguns.
  • It can store the ammunition for these guns and prevent them from fore damage.
  • It uses a 14 gauge steel sheet for protection that increases the structural rigidity of the gun safe.


Gun safes are important for every gun owner out there. The redhead gun safes can best serve these gun owners due to their unique patented design that ensures that the family and loved ones of the gun owner are safe and allows them to keep illegal guns off the black market. Gun owners can do all this by simply buying a redhead gun safe which is the best cost-effective way to secure any type of gun owners have.

In the end, it is the responsibility of gun owners to safeguard their guns and ammunition by any means necessary.