How to Break into a Sentry Safe: Tips and Hacks

Have you ever wanted to keep a gun at home? Have you ever wanted to protect your valuables from a sudden fire at home or your workplace? Then you probably know that Sentry Safe has made a name for itself for producing safes to protect your valuables and guns. It is known to be sturdy and is also one of the most reliable safes available in the market.

Often times, we end up losing the key to our Sentry Safe or forgetting the combination entirely. That is a very normal occurrence and could happen to anyone. That is why we are going to give you a few tips and hacks on how to open a Sentry Safe if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

The first step is to call the company, Sentry Safe, and ask them to send a key replacement for your Sentry Safe as soon as possible. In addition to that, there are a few more methods that you can use to open your Sentry Safe without a key or a combination. Let us tell you how that’s possible::

How to Open a Sentry Safe without its Combination

We are all human, and humans make mistakes. That is completely normal. That is why there are very few combinations, safes, and locks in this world that are either known by one person or have other passcode combination options, like a passcode generator. Passcode generators are usually installed for heavy security purposes in top-secret offices to secure, among other things, important information, objects, or technological advancements that cannot get out of the company.

Sentry Safe has all sorts of safes. In recent times, they have built safes with electronic keypads and combinations. Yes, if you are a professional locksmith, then you might have the technology and the devices to crack the combination of the Sentry Safe. But for a regular person, who has one installed at home for their personal use, they will not have those tools.

But there are other ways on how to how to open a Sentry Safe without the combination. These methods are safe and specified by the manufacturer. Let me tell you about a few of these methods:

Use the Key!

If you somehow forget the combination of your safe, then the easiest way to open the safe is to use the spare key that comes with the Sentry Safe. In order to do that, you need to remove the plastic cover located next to the combination keypad, place the key inside the lock, and turn it in the right set direction.

Some safes might have a particular direction; however, some might open when turned in any direction. Other safes also have a button that needs to be pressed while rotating the key inside the lock to bypass the electronic lock.

Are you wondering, ‘’What does a Sentry Safe key look like?’’ Let me give you an idea. Some keys might have a rounded tip, while some might have a pointy end. That helps to ensure that there can never be two copies of one key at a time. The manufacturer also adds a unique code on every key that can never be matched to any other key. That also helps in identifying the right key for the right safe.

Sentry Safe Reset Code

Sentry Safe has different levels of security. On a customer request, they can provide or remove backup options for cracking the combination. That depends on the level of security the customer requires. The common Sentry Safe models come with a manual that the customer should hide really well in order to prevent other family members from learning how to reset the code of the safe.

Basically, if you forget your Sentry Safe combination, then you can reset the code manually by following the instructions in the user manual. Once you follow those instructions, you can set a new combination for your Sentry Safe. 

If others are aware of this information and know the location of the safe, they can also do this to reset your code and gain access. Hence, this is a very unsafe method but still opens the safe if you forget the passcode.

Sentry Safe Default Code

There is an option of setting up a default combination by the manufacturer that allows the customer to access the safe. So if the customer forgets the current combination, they can go back to the default combination that will automatically unlock the Sentry Safe or help you set a new combination for the safe. 

This is a lot safer than resetting the code, as no one will be aware of the default code. It is also known as the Sentry Safe Factory Code.

Sentry Safe Bypass Code

Another option that a customer can opt for is to bypass all the codes and settings of the Sentry Safe. In order to do that, you have to contact the customer care support of Sentry Safe.

Basically, when you forget the combination of the Sentry Safe, you can call their helpline and verify your authorization in order to prove your ownership. Usually, verifying is done by answering questions that are set in place beforehand with the agreement of the customer and the manufacturer.

They will then provide the bypass combination that you can enter into your safe, therefore, giving you access.

Crack the Combination

It is a long shot, and it is not something everyone is capable of doing, but there is no harm in trying. According to the combination guide, you can start off by moving the dial in a clockwise rotation from zero. The numbers will increase from thereon. People do claim that it becomes quite easy to get the passcode once you try every possible sequence. That makes this a very time-consuming task and requires quite a great deal of patience.

You can also try to rotate the dial faster, which might help you in getting the password. There is another thing, known as a spindle at the inner side of the lock, which helps the password dial to move more smoothly. There is also a drive pin that facilitates the rotation of the combination dial. Some safes come with 3 to 4 wheels, depending on the passwords. One also needs to make sure about the wheels, to ensure its safety.

How to Open a Sentry Safe without the Key

Breaking into a Sentry Safe is extremely difficult because it is one of the most protected safes in the world to be produced. It is quite challenging once you forget the combination or lose the key. However, locksmiths have been successful in finding loopholes to open your safe so that you can retrieve your valuables without any damage.

Another point to consider is that you might end up completely destroying your Sentry Safes locking system. You might not be able to access the safe at all and end up damaging it. There is also a chance that once you have opened it, the safe lock might not be replaceable and even if it was, it would be very costly and time-consuming.

How to Break into a Sentry Safe with a Paper Clip?

We all very well know that using a paper clip to pick a lock is the oldest trick in the book. All you need to know is how the lock actually works to understand how to move the paper clip in such a way to unlock the lock. Follow the following steps to pick your Sentry Safe’s lock with a paper clip if you have unfortunately lost your keys:

  • Find a decent-sized paper clip, and turn the larger end of the clip away from the body of the clip, making a 90-degree angle. You can easily use your fingers to do this. Either way, keep a plier close by.
  • Twist the other leg of the clip as long as you would like to hold the clip like a key and slightly bend the primary leg within the tip. 
  • Take another paper clip and twist the greater leg at a 45-degree point where it’ll work like a handle to bend the bolt. Now, put the second clip into the bolt gap. You’ll be able to utilize a short screwdriver to do it as well. Whichever one you’re utilizing, if it’s not too much trouble to put it in and turn it clockwise, it’ll help you open the locks. 
  • Take the primary clip and get the pointy end into the upper portion of the hole, where the teeth of the bolt are located. Keep on twisting clockwise and snicker with the pointy conclusion of the primary clip into your lock’s teeth. 
  • You ought to do it until you listen to the “Click” sound within the bolt, which implies the opening of the bolt.

How to Break into a Sentry Safe with a Drill or Cutting Tool?

This method is quite chaotic and tends to get messy. You need to be quite careful about using your tools with the right amount of precision. There is always a chance that you might end up hurting yourself. Furthermore, this method will destroy the lock, which will then need to be replaced professionally. If you think that this is the way to go, then these are the following steps:

  • Take a drill machine and connect it to a power outlet for initiating the drill to open into the bolt of the safe. 
  • Ensure you are drilling specifically into the bolt rather than the secure body. Otherwise, you may end up destroying the safe completely. 
  • If you are able to drill through the bolt, the bolt will break open, and you will be able to replace it later.
  • However, contact the manufacturer if it’s possible to replace the broken bolt with a modern one.

How to Break into a Sentry Safe with a Nail Cutter?

This is another tool that has a nail filer, often used to pick different sorts of locks. If you have one of these at your disposal, then the following are the steps you need to do to break open your Sentry Safe:

  • Take the nail cutter and open up the nail file straight. Hold it like you’re holding on to a key. 
  • Take a little short screwdriver and put it in as you would like, similar to the paper clip method. 
  • You can skip the screwdriver on the off chance that the nail record does the work alone; in that case, put it inside the lock. Move the file a little and attempt to pivot it in a clockwise direction; try it a couple of times more in case it rotates with difficulty. 
  • Keep on moving and rotating the record until you listen to a click sound. This suggests that the bolt is open.

Legal Issues

Breaking into your own safe because you forgot your combination or lost your key is a different situation. You can explain that to the authorities, your family, or any other concerned party, and convince them that no wrongdoing had occurred. However, if you are breaking into someone else’s Sentry lock box, without the permission of the owner, then you will be breaking the law. That is why you need to be incredibly careful before touching anyone’s Sentry Safe. You do not want to be labeled as a thief or a robber.


It is not the most ideal thing in the world to lose the key or to forget the combination of a Sentry Safe. You can always write the code down, put it in a safe place, or trust someone else with the code as well. Not everyone can conveniently look into or search up ‘’how to break into a safe?’’, or actually do it, especially without damaging the safe.

Even if you do end up forgetting the combination or lose the key, the manufacturer has several options available to help you recover your valuables from the safe.