Browning Gun Safes Who Makes Them And Why You Need One

Gun owners usually have a safe or multiple safes for the safekeeping of their guns. No one likes to leave their guns out in the open for anyone to use or play around with. That is dangerous and could also lead to fatal accidents.

Most gun owners think that Browning Safes are the right combination of aesthetics, features, and security. Every gun owner in the country would highly recommend Browning Gun Safes. There are different aspects to the safes they provide along with a vast product line.

I will try my best to introduce the Browning Gun Safe brand in the most accurate and informative way that I possibly can. After covering their unique features, characteristics, and advantages, I will tell you about who makes these renowned Browning Gun Safes, which are supplied all over the USA and even to customers from other countries.

Design and Features

As I have mentioned earlier, Browning Gun Safes are known for being overly simplistic and yet elegant, striking exactly the right balance of both. Some of their products have the look and feel of an antique, as if they were from the 19th century, while some of their products have very modern and sleek features.

They come in different sizes and are built on order. You can also have them designed from the outside, like have the United States flag printed at the front in a unique style or any illustration in general. This way you can add a personal touch to your safe. The Browning Safes come with a number keypad, used to unlock the safe with a combination set by the owner.

Cantilevered Modular Shelving

The interior of the safe comes with a Cantilevered Modular Shelving design. With the unique capabilities of the CMS, you can rearrange the safe to your personal requirements. These shelves can move from one side to another as well as up and down and can be removed and added to adjust all your valuables the way you want.

Some of these shelves have spaces that can hold the barrel of the gun steadily, preventing it from falling and damaging anything or creating a mess. The shelves are built with steel frames that have wood in between with a soft carpet covering. With this quality of products, they have demolished the competition in categories that are thousands of dollars more expensive but not nearly as good.

Axis Adjustable Shelving

This is another feature exclusive to Browning Gun Safes. This interior system by Axis is the adjustability of solid steel shelves, drawers, file boxes, jewellery boxes, and barrel racks. You can adjust any of these in any way that suits your use.

Unlike safes from competitors, these shelves can be adjusted vertically or horizontally.  Shelves can be removed, added, moved up, moved down, or from one side to another. There is also a wide collection of accessories to choose from, which you can use in your safe. You can design a unique customized safe for yourself.

Shelves by Axis are also coated by a protective polymer coating, which is not only durable but designed to protect all sorts of valuables like guns, jewellery, etc. They also add very sleek and appealing features to the entire safe, giving it a very satisfying look.

DPX Door Storage System

They also have a DPX Door Storage System or Duo-Plus Extra Door Storage System. As you can see in the name, they have storage solutions on the door of the safes to completely utilise the interior space of the Browning Gun Safes. Most companies provide this feature as an upgrade. However, with Browning Safes, it is the standard. 

They have stock trays, scope savers, quick-access barrel racks, mesh pockets, and handgun pouches. All of them are used on the door of the safe.

Thermablock Fire Protection

Browning Safes also have the exclusive property of Thermablock Fire Protection. This protection ensures that all your valuables are protected in case of a fire. They basically install thicker sheets into the frame of the safe. These insulation sheets are arranged in such a way that they interlock one another to reduce the gaps between them. This, in turn, will reduce the rise of the safe’s internal temperature in case of a fire.

The edge that Thermablock Protection has among Browning Safes is that it goes through thorough testing, more so than products from other companies do. This speaks to the high quality that it provides. Furthermore, the welding used is a lot more consistent compared to the others. All of these small things lead to the ultimate protection, known as Thermablock Fire Protection, which will keep all your belongings safe.

Browning Gun Safe Products

Let me share a unique aspect of Browning Gun Safe products. Every safe is different from one another in terms of protection and features. To top that off, they have a very wide range of affordable prices. Let me share some information about their most popular products:

Browning Medallion Safe

The Browning Medallion Safe is one of the most premium of safes available by Browning Safe. Not only does it use thick 10-gauge steel to prevent people from breaking in, but it has 26 active locking bolts. These bolts also include the Pry-Stop Corner bolts. With that strength, your valuables will remain safe.

This Medallion Safe is made with careful attention to detail, which makes it one of the most dependable safes, suitable for the elites. With Browning Safe’s idea of utilizing every bit of space, this safe can hold up to 43 firearms. Another aspect to note is the scope saver, which utilizes the door of the safe by letting you place scopes.

Browning Tactical Safe

The Browning Tactical Safe was designed and built for people who love the outdoors. That includes people who use sporting rifles, equipment, and guns. This safe can hold all of that and protect it well. Hence, the size of the safe. You could keep around 40 guns in the Browning Tactical Safe.

With the axis interior, you can configure it in any way you see fit. They have also added a top-mounted gear loft to place items that are frequently used by the owner.

Browning Sporter Safe

This Browning Sporter Safe is budget-friendly. It was made specifically for the public so that they can afford a high-quality and secure safe for their valuables, including guns.  The Browning Sporter Safe also possesses a versatile interior and is almost completely fireproof. The safe is protected with a 12-gauge sheet, making it outperform almost every safe in the same category.

You can build this budget-friendly safe to order and in different sizes according to your needs. The size of the safe directly corresponds with the number of guns that need to be stored. The price will be set according to the size ordered. You also have the option of selecting a combination keypad lock or a mechanical lock, whichever one makes you feel more secure.

Characteristics of Browning Gun Safes

Every brand has its own unique selling point. In the case of Browning Gun Safes, they have several unique selling points, which make them the leading brand in this industry. Gun safes are made all over the world. That is why there are several competitors.

Let us tell you all the unique characteristics of Browning Gun Safe that we have compiled.

  • Uni-force Locking System
  • Omni-barrier Lock Protection
  • Advanced Locking System
  • Pry-stop bolt and Tabs System
  • Equipped with an extra-thick door and bolts
  • Thermablock Fire Protection
  • Made by High-Gauge Steels
  • Highly-Secured External Hinges
  • Cantilevered Modular Shelving
  • DPX Door Storage System
  • DPX Scope Saver

Advantages of Purchasing a Browning Gun Safe

When you choose to buy a safe from Browning Gun Safe, there are quite a number of advantages besides the unique characteristics and features that it provides. Let us explain all those advantages and how people can so blindly trust Browning Gun Safe as a company without a single worry.


Browning is a company that made its first rifle back in 1878. Since then, they have produced different kinds of firearms. They are one of the pioneers of great-quality firearms. Since they have already made a number of firearms and have the right experience for testing successful firearms, they definitely know how to make safes capable of securing guns well.

They are well aware of all the materials used in a gun and the extent of damage that can be done to it through other destructive methods. That is one of the reasons why and how they know what materials will be affected through which mode of destruction. People trust that Browning will provide the best-quality safes with the right price tag because of this.

American Steel

Industries are well aware of the fact that American Steel has the best quality of steel available in the market from all over the world. That is why it is so expensive. While steel from other countries and other manufacturers is cheap, it is not as strong as American Steel.

Browning Gun Safes use the most premium-quality of American Steel while manufacturing their safes. They have made it a point to not compromise on their quality. That way, the customer stays satisfied because they are aware of the fact that their safe is so strong that it can withhold even the most advanced tools used to break into safes.

Variety of Safes

Browning Gun Safes have a very vast and comprehensive product line, which includes building your own type of safe. You will find it quite hard to choose the right safe because there are too many to select from. They also come in different sizes, depending on why you need it and how much equipment you have.

They have different levels of security and features available for a safe as well. Once you select a safe according to your requirements, you can further customize it to your liking, which includes accessories.


The company also offers a 5-year warranty. With this warranty, if you find any defects or problems in your safe, then the company will repair it for you within 5 years. If the unit requires any sort of replacement, they will do that too.

Another warranty that is included is their lifetime warranty. That includes any sort of break-in attempt, a successful robbery, or fire damages to your gun safe. Most gun safe companies provide this sort of warranty to show their dedication. Browning Gun Safe, already being well trusted, only reassures us of their quality products.

Who makes Browning Gun Safes?

As I have mentioned before, Browning is a firearms manufacturer that is more than a century old. They have produced all kinds of rifles and guns, which have been sold all over the world. If a company has been doing business this successfully for such a long time, that means they have gained the trust of their customers.

After a century, it is hard to know who truly manufacturers the products for the company. When they branched out, they subcontracted the gun safes product line. Currently, they are being manufactured by ProSteel Security Products, which is commonly known as ProSteel. They partnered up with them back in 1970 when they first decided to build gun safes.

ProSteel is a company that deals in metalworking and began its operations in 1947. They have made different sorts of residential and commercial vault doors, security doors, and tornado doors. They were undoubtedly the best choice for Browning to make their safes with. 


Browning holds the most respectable position a company could possibly hold for their customers from all over the globe. This reputation pushes them to provide the highest of quality in their products. They have survived for so long because of their innovation and continuous growth by adapting to new and advanced technology.

By now, you have probably realized just how trustworthy this company has become, which is why it continues to grow and succeed.