What to Do If You Can’t Open Your Sentry Safe Lock Box?

Sentry safes are one of the most renowned fireproof safes for keeping guns. Sentry gun safes are very durable and reliable and are, thus, used globally. They also come in variants of different lock types and combinations. However, customers can sometimes face issues while trying to unlock their gun safes. In this article, we will talk about some of the reasons why you might not be able to unlock your safe and how to tackle those difficulties. 

So, without further ado, here’s why your Sentry Safe won’t open:

Why Can’t I Open my Sentry Safe?

Here are some possible reasons as to why you’re having difficulty opening your Sentry Safe. Let us delve into each one with detail:

No or Dead Batteries

One of the reasons why your Sentry fire safe won’t open is because it either does not contain any batteries, or if it does, the battery is no good—dead or not charged. Almost all of the safes that are available today operate on batteries. Their locking system is a combination of electronic or biometric systems or both and cannot be unlocked or operated when the battery is running low.

Thus, if you are using one such safe, be sure to check its battery level before trying to unlock it. Try not to immediately lose hope or end up breaking your safe accidentally. 

Faulty Wirings

For any electronically-operated device, the wiring of the device is what essentially keeps it in place and ensures that the device continues to function well and perform. Hence, whenever the wiring of your safe is damaged, disconnected, or distressed, it is blocking you from entering into your safe after putting your passcode, fingerprint, etc. This basically means that your input is not reaching the area of the safe where it decrypts the information and opens, which is why there is no change in the safe afterward. 

So, look out for faulty or distressed wiring if your Sentry Safe door won’t open. 

Incorrect Passcode

Some of the sentry safes come with an electronic passcode or keypad locks. Here, if you repeatedly enter the wrong or incorrect passcode/password, the safe will restrict or limit your attempts at unlocking the safe. This is because it will assume that you are not a person who is authorized to access the Sentry Safe. 

Thereby, ensure that you are putting in the correct combination of numbers or words and your access is not denied. Otherwise, it will be difficult to open the safe again. Even when you are in a hurry, try to remain calm and enter the correct code so that your situation doesn’t get worse if you need access to the safe urgently.

Time Lag or Delay

Following the previous point, the Sentry Safe can go into a safety lockout mode when too many incorrect passcodes are entered. Then, the person trying to unlock the safe needs to wait for ten or twenty minutes (depending upon the particular safe feature) to try and unlock the safe again. If your safe is electronically operated, the safe beeps repeatedly to let you know that it will restrict any further attempts towards unlocking the box. 

Jammed Bolts

Although this may be surprising, there are some times when there is no technical error in the device, but it is simply jammed because of one reason or another. What the jamming does is that it acts as an obstacle between the passcode or fingerprint and prevents their decryption from taking place. 

If you hear light scratch noises when running a device that detects jammed bolts, feel free to kick the Sentry Safe several times. This will also let out the tension in your body and prove to be useful in regaining the functionality of the Sentry Safe as well. Just be careful that you do not accidentally damage the safe in any way. Otherwise, you will definitely have to break open the safe manually, which is a very difficult process to undergo. 

So, these were some of the various reasons why your Sentry Safe won’t open. These reasons are relatively easier to work against and will not prove to be a very exhaustive or tiresome process for you. Some of these can be resolved just by checking the Sentry Safe website or calling their customer service office. Still, some issues can be resolved manually. For example, in the case of a lock-operated safe, you may be looking for a professional locksmith to do the job for you.

How Can I Open my Sentry Safe?

The first thing that you must be aware of when trying to open your safe is if it is manually or electronically operated. Also, check the manufacturer or the company of your safe to try to have a better idea of how to unlock that particular safe. Sometimes, the companies also have FAQ sections on their page where they answer similar questions on what to do if your safe suddenly stops working or if you have lost the key/combination to your safe.

The website also suggests that you look up the model and the serial number of your safe when trying to understand how to open it.

However, in this article, we also detail how to open your Sentry Safe, access to which is very important as it is usually used for gun keeping and security. There are a number of ways you can try opening Sentry Safes. Here are some of them in more detail:

Method 1: Override Keys

One of the ways in which you can open your Sentry Safe is by using the override key that comes with the package when you purchase the safe. This key can be used to open the safe in case you have lost your own key or if it stops working. 

Also, with some safes, there is a standard company passcode that is usually a generic combination of letters, words, or numbers that you could use to open your safe. For example, if your safe works with a 4-digit pin, you can put in a standard 4-digit number. This number is usually 0000 or 1234. Otherwise, you may be able to find another number combination in the box that the item came in or in a manual. 

If your given key is not working, it may also be that there is some debris on it. After checking that it is indeed the right key for the right safe, gently grease it, and clean it thoroughly to get the debris off. Put it back in the lock, and it may just open. 

Method 2: Manipulating the Safe

Another method of opening a Sentry Safe can be to manipulate the safe in various different ways. However, this isn’t all too recommended as there are high chances of severely damaging your safe.

What you could do instead is to call for professional help. If not from the Sentry Safe people themselves, then perhaps, from a locksmith friend or family member. They will manipulate just the lock area and put it back the way it was, or maybe make a new key for you. This method will ensure that you do not damage the safe in its entirety. 

However, if your safe is electronically operated, you may want to call the Sentry Safe company and ask for a master code if any of the above standard codes do not work for you. Sentry allows the customer to unlock the safe by using a company-provided master code, through which you will be able to unlock your safe even if you have previously forgotten your passcode. Another method is also to get your code replaced by calling the Sentry Safe people. 

When you call them, they ask for the safe’s serial number and model. Upon your response, they will ask if you would require a replacement of your passcode. That is how you can change your passcode to one that you will you remember. We would advise you to also write or note it down somewhere, so you do not forget it, especially to avoid any inconvenience in case of an emergency. 


So, folks, there is no need to worry if your Sentry Safes won’t open. With these safes, you need only figure out the reason as to why your Sentry Safe won’t open, and the rest flows smoothly, like a river. Really, the only problem that you will face would be if you used a sledgehammer on your safe. In which case, you would have to buy another one. Fortunately for you, Sentry Safes are not that expensive, so even if by any chance you do end up damaging your safe severely, you can replace it with a new one. 

Our recommendation would be to not repeatedly put in passcodes or passwords that are already returning to you as incorrect. The machine is not faulty. You are probably making some error when putting in the code. Try to think back and then type the code very slowly on your keypad, ensuring it is the correct one. There is not much to worry about except in the case of emergencies when the system gets stuck and does not allow you access to the box in any way whatsoever. In such cases, the time lags and delays really become a hassle, and people revert to other forms of safekeeping and security. In cases like this, we implore you to be careful. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry!