How to Move Heavy Gun Safe (Safety Tips and Tricks)

Moving such a large and bulky object is no easy task. Therefore, it is not wise to assume that any man alone will have the strength to move a safe that can easily weigh around 800lbs. Relocating a safe which is portable and lightweight will not pose this issue as it is designed to accommodate the user in this regard. However, the fact that it is portable and lightweight might not be the best idea if you are trying to keep your things safe from the threat of theft. Keeping a heavy gun safe is the best option if you’re looking for adequate protection against any possible threats.

However, if you already possess a heavy safe and have decided to move it, then the first thing you need to do is to plan some sort of safety measure and practice caution. Therefore, planning the move would be the first step. This is to ensure that you practice the safety requirements and follow detailed moving tips. This article will provide you with insight on how to move a gun safe safely. Keep reading, and let us help you out of this heavy situation.

Tips for Moving a Heavy Gun Safe

Considering the Risks

Now, considering that you want to move the safe, you will need to do a quick assessment of whether it would be a good idea to carry out such a task alone. This is quite a tough task as moving a gun safe by yourself poses a serious threat of injury if anything goes wrong. If you are financially able to do so, we would suggest hiring professional movers to relocate the safe to your desired location. This will be the safest way and the best way to move a gun safe to another place without harming anyone.

We will discuss a ‘think before you act’ strategy later on as well. A quick introduction to this would be to devise a plan to ensure that the move is as hassle-free and problem-free as possible. You will need to identify the sharp corners and tight spaces in the area and plan your way around them. The best piece of advice would be not to rush things and think ahead before proceeding with the plan. You might be faced with challenges in the form of tight corners and tight corridors.  The spots are the source of what might cause you to have some issues moving it.

Get More Man Power If Needed

Now you might want to move the safe alone, but this can pose some serious problems that you need to consider. If you wish to relocate it in the same room, then you might be able to do it on your own. However, if the safe is heavy and stores ammunition, it does risk being tipped over. This can cause serious damage to the person moving it. Therefore, it is best to ask for help, even if you’re changing its position very slightly. You must ask your friends or employ trustworthy people to help you out with this task as this is how to move a heavy gun safe properly.

Be Prepared

Before you move the safe, it would be best to prepare for its relocation and get all the necessary equipment required for the moving process. Therefore, you have to make a plan and stick to it, to ensure the safe movement of the gun safe. The guidelines that you will have to follow are given below. These are not set in stone, and you can modify them to your situation and space as the gun safe can be located in your home or even in an office setting.

  • Know the route of the house or the office, and plan the path you will take while relocating the safe. This means that you will need to be wary of sharp corners and tight spots which might be difficult to cross. Pre-planning the path will allow you to transport the safe securely without having to navigate the way unprepared.
  • The best way of moving the gun safe would be to avoid narrow areas and structures that can’t sustain its weight. However, if you have to use a staircase, first ensure that it is reliable enough to carry the weight of the safe and that it is not the kind of staircase that you could slip on.
  • Emptying the safe will ensure that all your valuables, such as banknotes, documents, or jewellery, are safe and not damaged during the move. You can keep them in another highly secure place until you have moved your heavy safe. This will lessen the weight of the safe itself, making it easier to relocate and ensure that if the safe is damaged somehow during the move that your valuables will remain safe.
  • For additional appliances, you might need a heavy-duty appliance dolly for moving the gun safe. In addition to this, you will also require supporting straps, ropes, and thick moving blankets.
  • When you rent these appliances, the dimensions and weight of the safe must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the products will not be able to help in the shifting process.
  • Try to wear comfortable clothing, not too loose or too tight, as this might hinder the movement process. Shoes are important too, as you need a good amount of friction to reduce any chance of slipping while moving the safe and handling the moving equipment.
  • As the gun safe should ideally be made of high-quality steel, it is a very strong and rigid material. Thus, you must protect your hands by wearing gloves, which improves your grip.
  • Now, if you have to move the heavy safe from a house or office to a vehicle to transport it to a new location, you must ensure that the vehicle is large enough to accommodate the heavy safe. The vehicle must also be able to endure the weight of the safe.
  • Before you start the vehicle and transport the safe, you must check if it’s closed and locked. Wrapping it up in protective blankets will help to prevent any damage. This advice can also be used while moving it short distances as well.
  • Tapping the blankets into place will keep them from falling off and causing you to trip.
  • With the highest level of precaution and using the help of your friends, you should tilt your safe and allow it to slip slowly into the dolly.
  • Once you are strapped in, you will want to tie the dolly up with straps and ropes before proceeding any further. 
  • Using a ramp to load the safe into a truck would be the best course of action.
  • Once the safe is safely loaded in the truck, position it against the side and securely strap it. Strapping prevents it from moving when the truck hits bumps in the road.
  • For placing the safe into the desired position, you will need to backtrack and perform all the steps again to ensure that you cautiously unload the safe and move it to its new location.

Alternative Ways 

If you are wondering about how to move a gun safe alone, you should know that moving a safe all by yourself is a very big risk. Accidents can lead to serious injury and harm, so it would be recommended that you don’t do it alone because the possibility of damaging yourself or the safe is much too high. The cost of movers will be well rewarded as you won’t have to strain your own back while carrying a heavy safe of possibly 800lb or more. The professionals will provide you with ease of mind and ensure that you stay safe as well. 

As mentioned before, the use of additional appliances is vital as they help in the move immensely. A moving dolly, ropes, and blankets are essential equipment to help you move your heavy safe, especially if you plan to do it alone. Many professional movers arrive with dollies on the scene to help them move large and heavy safes as well as other equipment. Therefore, if you are insisting on doing it on your own, we must emphasize the use of a dolly.

Benefits of a Dolly

  • Will save your back from any heavy lifting and carrying
  • Time-efficient
  • Requires less effort
  • It will serve to prevent injuries
  • Makes an accident-free relocation possible
  • User friendly

Alternative Ways to Move a Heavy Safe

You might be fascinated by the ways people come up with to get things done. People have been seen using golf balls and PVC pipes to move a safe. The reasonable question about these methods is do and how they work. According to the opinion of a professional safe installer, golf balls are not the way to go. Even though your safe will be able to roll around on a bed of golf balls, the damage done to your floors will be irreparable as the balls will apply localized pressure on the floor and leave dents, bumps, and even scratches. Sometimes the force is large enough to even break tiles.

The method above will not work on a carpeted surface, so it would be best not to try that at all. As for the PVC pipe solution, this option is not the best option available either, as it still poses some risks. The pipe will spread the safe’s weight across a larger area and makes it easier to roll while protecting the floor. However, it can easily get out of hand and cause damage to your home and you as well. 

Professional gun safe installers utilize a long rectangular bar. These bars are padded on the bottom to provide a cushion layer for your floors. The smooth surface on top will allow a heavy object such as a gun safe to glide right along. The pros lay out a track of these bars and allow the safe to be pushed along, after which the bars are pulled up behind the safe and moved back to the front of the safe’s path. Getting your hands on one of these bars might make handling a safe just a little easier. However, this doesn’t replace the need for a dolly. Even with all that has been said and done, we would still recommend that you not do this on your own and utilize a dolly for this purpose to move a heavy gun safe.


This article on how to move a large gun safe provides you with all the information necessary for the proper moving of your heavy gun safe. Now that you are aware of all the risks and potential threats it possesses, we can say with confidence that you are now certified to move a heavy safe (with additional help). Even though you might want to perform this task on your own, you do risk hurting your back immensely. Therefore, choose the option of working alongside a friend or hiring professionals if your pocket allows it.

Now you know that you can’t just start moving the safe around without a proper plan, as you run the risk of straining yourself. Therefore, you need to exercise the right safety precautions and make sure that help and an emergency kit are available at all times. If you choose to cop out of doing this task yourself, we will not judge you as your safety and health should be the topmost priority. You can always employ the help of your friends or even professionals. 

However, if you still wish to carry on with the task alone, the guide for that is provided in the article. Ensure to make your top priority the safety of your helper and yourself, as nothing is more valuable than a person’s wellbeing.