The 5 Best Gun Safes For AR 15

More than 300 million guns are owned by civilians in the United States. Most of the weapons available for purchase are handguns and a couple of automatic rifles and shotguns. The most widely sold guns belong to the AR category. AR stands for automatic rifles, which can be fitted to use single burst or rapid burst implementations. 

ARs are very popular for protection from any external actor, be it man or animal. They have been winning the best-selling category for years now due to their effectiveness. One of the most famous ARs is the AR-15. It is the most versatile AR available for purchase in the general marketplace. It is available for consumers to buy and can be registered for use as soon as it is purchased. 

One of the most important factors of owning a gun is knowing how and where to keep it. Guns are dangerous if they are not secured properly. There have been numerous incidents where gun owners have forgotten to store their guns in secure places, which have resulted in misfires, accidental shots, and much more. In some cases, there have also been fatalities due to this mishandling of a gun.  

If you are going to own a gun, then you should know how to keep it in a secure place where it cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself. For this purpose, safe manufacturers make special safes to store guns and ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, such as children or thieves who are looking to get a quick payday by selling the gun on the black market. 

Similarly, in secure workplaces like banks and foreign exchange offices, it is good practice to have the weapons stored in locations such as gun safes.

The most popular rifle gun safes are made specifically for the AR-15s that are sold to the general consumer. The AR-15 is a formidable weapon, which is why its safety and security are of the utmost importance under any circumstances. The undeniable fact remains that guns are dangerous, and as owners of an AR-15, you need special safes for ar safety before your weapon is either mishandled or sold on the black market. Here are 5 gun safe and some of the top rated gun safes:

Barska Quick Access – Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska quick access case is one of the most popular rifle gun safes on the market. The company itself has a good reputation for making quality rifle gun safes that keep the weapons secure under any circumstances. The Barska quick access shotgun lock has the features that any AR-15 gun safe requires. It has a state-of-the-art security system that recognizes the owner of the gun and only then unlocks itself. The biometric technology is very battery efficient, and the safe’s dimensions are 52.17 x 9.84 x 8.66 inches. 

The case has a comparatively small footprint, but it can store an arsenal of weapons inside. You can easily fit up to 4 rifles. You could consider this to be the best small gun safe.

The security system is highly advanced since it can give a quick response of 2.5 seconds, which comes in handy if you want to access the guns inside in a hurry. The safe comes with an option to store 120 fingerprints of different individuals such that any trusted and verified person can access the safe without any complications. It has also been approved reliable as it has undergone testing from burglary protection.


  • This safe is what is known as a quick access gun safe. It utilizes a complex system of fingerprint encoding to store the information of the owner of the gun and gives access within a matter of seconds.
  • It has a biometric security system for maximum safety. This way, children cannot easily access the safe.
  • It can store up to 4 rifles.
  • Approved by the Department of Justice
  • Has a silent mode that can be switched on before accessing the safe.


  • It is not waterproof or fireproof. The guns inside might get damaged in water or fire situations.

Barska – Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Cabinet

This particular rifle gun safe is one of the best AR-15 gun safes in its price range. It has a thick outside shell that allows it to endure attacks from hammers and other similar tools. It has an effective 3-point steel deadbolt locking system. Its dimensions are 117.6 x 103.2 x 626.04 inches. It has advanced fingerprint recognition that provides instant response times, and the digital pad to input a PIN code provides an extra level of security.

The sensor allows only authorized people to access the safe. This is determined by using the stored information inside the system that can store up to 120 fingerprints. This makes it a good option for banks where multiple security guards might need access in the event of an emergency.


  • It can store up to 120 different fingerprints.
  • It has an instant response time in the event of an emergency when the weapons inside are needed.
  • It includes position rifle or handgun racks and detachable shelves.
  • It also comes with an emergency key for rapid unlock for sudden uses.
  • It can also be accessed with PIN codes using the digital pad on it.
  • Has silent access mode.


  • Small interior
  • The locking system may be difficult to understand.

Moutec – Large Rifle Safe

The Moutec rifle gun safe brand has a respected position in the gun safes manufacturing industry. The Moutec case can store large amounts of guns securely. It is made of alloy steel and metal and has dimensions of 57 x 14 x 13.8 inches. The security system being used by the manufacturer is a digital locking mechanism and a key. This combination provides owners with a couple of options of how they want to store their guns. They can keep it under lock and key, or they can use a digital pad for owner verification.

The digital system allows users to generate their PIN code for the keypad. This way, users can get instant access without having to worry about the location of the key. It also has a silent mode when accessing the safe.


  • It has two security systems, a digital PIN code system, and a key lock mechanism.
  • It can store up to 5 to 6 rifles without any cramming necessary.
  • It can also store ammunition and documents.
  • 3 steel deadbolts to resist prying.


  • It is not as secure as a biometric system gun safe.
  • It cannot withstand fire for long periods.

Langger – Rifle Safety Cabinet

Langger is relatively new to the gun-safe marketplace, but it has quickly developed a reputation for building quality safes for consumers. The gun safes designed for AR-15 need to have extra storage capacity in case the owners make customizations to their guns. This is why the Langger gun safes can store up to 5 to 6 guns with ease. It is made from alloy steel, has tamper-resistant edges, and its exterior dimensions are 15.7 x 11.8 x 57.2 inches.

The gun safe has a separate lockbox contained within the safe, as well as a removable shelf that can be installed if the guns or rifles aren’t too big.

It can be unlocked through a digital keypad as well as with keys. It also has a silent mode and an alarm that is set off once the passcode entered has been wrong thrice.


  • It can store 5-6 guns and extra ammunition as well.
  • Can accommodate guns with scopes.
  • It has a digital keypad that can remember your passcode even if the power runs out.
  • It comes with 2 keys for the mechanical locking mechanism.
  • It is also an in wall rifle safe. It can be mounted to the wall using the provided screws.


  • It does not have a biometric security system which is generally safer.
  • It is heavy and hard to move.

JINS&VICO Rifle Safe, Long Gun Safe

The most feature-rich gun safe available on the market is the JINS&VICO rifle safe, which is used to store ARs such as the best ar 15 rifle. This safe is classified as a long gun safe since it is primarily designed to store rifles and other long guns such as shotguns.

This safe can store up to 5 to 8 guns in total along with extra ammunition, and its overall dimensions are 57 x 13.58 x 13.4 inches. The safe comes with an anti-static lining to prevent any electrical discharge from the metal body. This prevents any fires or explosions that could be caused by electricity.

For verification, the gun safe uses a digital keypad along with physical keys to provide access to authorized individuals. 


  • It has a high gun storage capacity. It can store up to 8 guns inside.
  • It has a metal body that makes it impervious to outside attacks.
  • It has a digital locking system that uses a code generated by the owner of the guns inside.
  • It has a secure compartment inside to store the ammunition safely.


  • It does not have a biometric verification system, which is much faster than other systems.

Buying guide

There are a few features that are a must-have for every single AR-15 gun safe in the market. These are stated below:

  • Long gun safe

An Ar-15 is relatively smaller than other automatic machine guns, but it is still bigger than the average handgun and qualifies as a rifle. This is why you will need a long rifle gun safe, where you can easily store your weapons and their registrations.

  • Scopes

Many Ar-15s come with a scope attached. If yours comes with a scope, then you might need a bigger case to store it since the scope also takes a lot of space. If the scope is not secured correctly, it might get damaged and become utterly useless.

  • Weight 

The weight of your Ar-15 configuration is also very important to consider before buying a gun safe for it. Not all AR-15s are the same. Most of them have different weights due to different attachments that are utilized by customers when buying them. Make sure that the safe you purchase has a maximum weight limit that is greater than the Ar-15 itself.

If you are going to buy extra gear for your gun, then you need the extra protective safe to go along with it. It is best to take as many precautions as possible instead of regretting it later.


  1. Can we use any type of safe to store an AR-15?
    No, an AR-15 is a long rifle. This means that you need a long gun safe to safely secure your automatic rifle without having to disassemble it.
  2. What is the best security system for an AR-15 gun safe?
    An AR-15 is one of the most in-demand guns on the black market. You need the best biometric security system to keep the rifle gun safe locked completely, so that it remains inaccessible to everyone else.
  3. What is a fireproof AR-15 gun safe?

A fireproof AR-15 gun safe means that the rifle gun safe can resist the heat of a fire and make sure that the explosive material inside the ammunition stored with the guns does not go off simultaneously.


Gun safes are very important if you own a gun, and we have told you about the best ar15 gun safes available. It is your responsibility to take ar safety into consideration and store your guns safely and avoid keeping them where anyone can access them. In many states, it is a crime to store guns in the open, and safes are a mandatory requirement if you want to purchase a gun.

In the end, it is up to you. If you want to have the privilege of owning a gun, then you also need to own a safe.