5 Best Fireproof and Waterproof Document Bags

A lot of people are switching to online and digital forms of storage as opposed to print to keep their documents safe from theft, forgery, natural disasters, etc. However, digital documents are more susceptible to cyber theft and other privacy issues, especially now that technology is advancing so rapidly. Some people also have pets or children at home who, when performing their regular antics, could damage important documents.
Printed documents are the most secure way of documenting any important information as long as you store them in a safe environment. Apart from the risk of being stolen, forged, copied, etc., there is also the risk of them catching fire and getting destroyed. Especially when these disasters are a result of emergencies, there is hardly any time for people to save themselves, much less their precious documents. In those circumstances, you would really wish you had kept all these documents in a safe place.
In this article, we are going to review and recommend five of the best fireproof and waterproof safe document bags that you can store all your documents in without having to worry about any damage or loss.
In no particular order, here are the five best fireproof and waterproof document bags:

Noiposi Fireproof Document Bags

It is made up of high-quality silicone fiberglass material that can endure temperatures up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that your documents remain fireproof. Apart from being fireproof, the document bag is also waterproof and can easily protect your documents or money from getting wet or enduring similar damage. 

The Noisposi fire and water-resistant bags come in two sizes. The larger one is 13.4 x 9.4 inches and can easily store large documents and other similar objects. The other bag is mostly used for cash, coins, small valuable objects, and paper, and it is 10.6 x 6.7 inches in size. These bags are also soft and can be easily folded, making them portable and lightweight. You can carry them to your place of work, restaurants, and for shopping as well. They come with a hanging strap, so it is more convenient for you to carry them on your person. These bags also have a fireproof zipper. 


  • Two sizes that can store all types of documents
  • Soft and foldable, making them easy to carry around anywhere.


  • Its temperature resistance is not very remarkable compared to bags with an endurance of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Flypal Fireproof Document Bags

The Flypal fireproof bag is available in an extra-large size, with dimensions of 16 x 12.5 x 6.5 inches. This allows space for the largest of binders as well as laptops and other valuable documents/items. The bag comes with an accessible U-shaped zipper, allowing you to conveniently open and close it. Furthermore, there is another small zipper pouch on the inside where you can keep other smaller objects like your ID card or passport, etc. 

The material of the bag is made of SGS UL94 certified dual-layer silicone-coated fiberglass, making it very heat resistant. It blocks aluminum foil that can endure up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a unique four-layer design, which makes it safer for documents and any other items in comparison to its competitor products. Not only that, due to its fully-enclosed triple flap, it provides gap-free protection from water and fire. 

If you ever find yourself in the dark, there’s no need to worry. The bag’s reflective night band allows you to detect it in dim environments.

The bag, regardless of its large size, is also portable and foldable. It contains a padded handle and a fire retardant shoulder strap, making it easy to carry on your person. 

The most appealing feature of this best fireproof document bag, apart from being resistant to fire and water damage, is that it comes with a built-in combination lock and lockable zipper heads. You do not have to worry about prying eyes and people stealing your precious items. Even if you are in a crowded space, worried that somebody may cut your bag, they won’t be able to. You can even leave your bag unattended (although, try not to do that!)


  • Its four-layer design makes it safer than most bags.
  • Portable and durable.
  • Reflective night band allows it to be easily detected in the dark.


  • It is larger in size compared to other bags, so carrying it with you may be an issue if you are putting heavy devices in there

Arzroic Fireproof Document Bags

Arzroic is another effective fireproof and waterproof document bag that you can find. It is made up of high-quality water silicone-coated fiberglass fabric, which ensures that the bag can endure temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag’s zipper is also water-resistant and flame retardant. Due to its manufacturing material, it is considered one of the best fireproof document bags to purchase. 

Another good feature of this bag is that it has a two-pocket or zipper design. This helps you compartmentalize your documents into two categories and keep them safe. One compartment is bigger than the other and can host passports, documents, cash, certifications, licenses, etc. 

Another thing about this bag is that it is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.45 pounds. Its size is 13.9 x 10.8 inches. You can carry it on your person easily, and it is something you can take on your everyday commute, to the office, cafe, or even when traveling.


  • Lightweight, and so it is easily portable.
  • Not too expensive and provides great value for money.
  • Made with non-itchy material.
  • Durable.


  • Depending on your preferences, it is possible that you may find this bag a bit big compared to what you initially thought, so make sure you are well acquainted with its size before buying it.

BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bags

BLOKKD is one of the most distinguished companies when it comes to fireproofing products. All their products comply with the UL 94 V-0 Standard for Safety of Flammability for up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The fiber of their document bag is prepared from fireproof silicone-coated fiberglass and high-tech Aramid Trim. They acquire technologically-driven high-quality materials for their production.

This fireproof bag can also act as a safe and is available in size 13 x 16 x 5 inches. The bag has three organizer pockets. The interior of the bag can expand up to 7 inches wide. You can easily put a three-ring binder in this bag as well as photo albums, laptops, and insurance and real estate files, etc. The three exterior organizer pockets are 11 x 6.5 inches, 7 x 5.5 inches, and 7 x 5.5 inches and can hold various small objects, e.g. passports.

The BLOKKD bag can also protect against prying eyes and curious children. With double zipper locks, you can close the bag with a combination lock. The big zipper is water-resistant and completely covered and sealed with a Velcro flap closure for the maximum security of your documents against any kind of damage. 

It is extremely efficient and even necessary in case of any disasters regarding fire or floods. The bag weighs under 2 pounds and can be easily carried from one place to the other. It also has a soft handle and detachable shoulder strap, which you can use according to your preference. You can also easily grab it from your closet, under the bed, or anywhere in case of emergency, keeping your precious documents and items when fleeing.


  • Double zipper locks and Velcro flap make it safer than most document bags.
  • It is lightweight with a soft handle and can be carried easily.
  • It is fireproof from every seam and edge, ensuring safety from all sides.


  • This bag provides a temperature resistance of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, 500 degrees less than most other fireproof bags.

Fullive Fireproof Document Bags

The last (but not the least) document bag on this list is the Fullive fireproof and waterproof document holder. The Fullive fireproof bags are known for their premium quality and sturdiness. 

The fireproof document bags are made up of premium fire retardant fiberglass and layered with silicone on the outside, which can endure a temperature of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This premium-quality non-itchy silicone-coated fireproof fiberglass is infused with a thick layer of smooth silicone that ensures that you do not face any splinters or other inconveniences while handling the bags. Like the BLOKKD fireproof document bag, the Fullive document bag is also secured with a strong zipper that is layered completely with a Velcro flap for maximum security. 

The package includes two safe bags, one small and one large. The larger can easily store your documents, files, binders, and any other items, while the smaller one can store passports, cards, etc. The two safe bags are 15 x 11 inches and 7 x 9 inches in size, respectively. These come in an envelope-like design, which you can keep within a fireproof safe or take with you as you wish. Rest assured, these document bags easy to handle and carry on your person, even while you are commuting to and back from your office. 

The material is also soft and can be folded to keep inside any other purse or similar object. Since Fullive is a household name in such products, they are reliable and trustworthy when providing their customers with the best-quality and highly-durable products. Given its sleek and elegant design, these fire and waterproof safe document bags can be a worthwhile investment.


  • They are foldable and lightweight.
  • It is coated with silicone that can withstand heat and ensure that you can handle it safely.
  • Two different sizes are available, so the bag isn’t so big that you would lose your small items in them or so small that it would be difficult to fit bigger documents in them.


  • It may not be a good storage space for your laptop or other electronic devices, given its fireproof envelope design for paper items specifically.

Features to Consider When Buying Fireproof and Waterproof Document Bags

Water & Heat Resistance

The primary feature of consideration while buying a fireproof waterproof safe bag is really how much temperature/heat the bag can resist. Ideally, you should go for the one that provides maximum temperature resistance to keep yourself on the safe side. Anywhere between 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or above is a good investment.

Size of the Bag

Even if your bag provides maximum temperature, it will not be useful unless it can contain your laptop, cash, and other valuables. The size of the bag should be a priority so that it can incorporate most of your essential items. 


What is a fireproof document bag made of?

The fireproof document bag is made up of silicone fiberglass material that has the capacity to endure very high temperatures, which can save your documents from getting burnt..


Here are five of the best fireproof safe and water-resistant document bags to buy. The soft silicone in these bags gives you a convenient and easy experience when handling them. If you find that you are having an allergic reaction after using these products, please discontinue and refer back to the manufacturer. If commuting is important to you, consider the portability and ease of carrying your desired document bag. If you want one that has the maximum space, go for the largest one on the list, i.e., the Flypal fireproof document bag. All of these are durable and of premium quality, so buying any one of them will prove to be worthwhile. We hope this article helped you find an appropriate waterproof and fireproof bag for your needs.